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Jarmo Muukka

Find options

Post by Jarmo Muukka » 30 Nov 2006, 09:38

 Posted by:  Jarmo Muukka 


I (and my colleague too) wish that in SQLWindows there would be two options
in Find.

- Exclude Comments
- Exclude Included Files

It's annoying when searching text from code and it finds it from comments or
from included files.

What about a possibility to use wildcards?

In Finnish language we have characters åäö of which ä and ö are common. In
database we use a and o in place of them, if we use Finnish names. In source
code for variables some use ä and ö and some use a and o. I prefer real
names, so I use ä and ö. If I want to find SQL-statements and variables of
one word, I need to do it twice - once for värinumero and once for

I would like to see option:
- Use Wilcards, which would mean ? and * (or _ and %).

So, I could enter v?arinumero.

Option is needed because person may want to search phrases with wildcards.


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Re: Find options

Post by RainerE » 30 Nov 2006, 10:07

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

Use TD 4.1 / 2005.1 and you have this options.


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