Checking of External References at Compile Time

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Checking of External References at Compile Time

Post by Jamie » 09 Sep 2004, 15:47

 Posted by:  Jamie 

Would be nice if there were a way to turn this off.

I have some instances where calls to functions in external DLLs are
conditional. For example, we have an about box implemented in a DLL. The
about box DLL sits in the bin folder, typically not in the path. Developers
must have the about box DLL in the path or in the project folder at compile
to just to get the app to compile.

I'm not sure of the need for checking at compile time considering:
1) A runtime error is raised if a DLL is missing, the function is not
exported, or the name mangled.
2) We've already indicated the parameters and return types at design time.

Other developer tools allow compilation without having all external
references present.
It would be nice if TD optionally allowed this too.


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