SalTblCreateColumnEx(...) Wanted

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Günther Feldzahn

SalTblCreateColumnEx(...) Wanted

Post by Günther Feldzahn » 01 Oct 2003, 11:11

 Posted by:  Günther Feldzahn 

Please unveil a function to dynamically create tablewindow columns with any
kind of datatype .

It must allready be internally available, or how get the design time defined
columns otherwise instantiated?

Thanks in advance

Martin Knopp

SalTblCreateColumnEx(...) Wanted

Post by Martin Knopp » 02 Oct 2003, 07:32

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 

You think you do anybody of us (Gupta as well as community members) a favor
in posting this request three times (one time in TD3.1 Beta Forum and twice

You think it will get more weight in Gupta's release plan that way? My guess
is it gets same weight even if you post it hundred times!

Plus you hide yourself behind an invalid mailadress so I had to post this
complaint here.


SalTblCreateColumnEx(...) Wanted

Post by Sherlock » 02 Oct 2003, 19:07

 Posted by:  Sherlock 


Have you tried posting in the Oracle forum in Usenet with your proper E
Mail and Proper Name?
I had. My E Mail became unusable within a month because of spam.
Plus, spam E Mails start circulating with your name in it (Did not happen to
me, but to others).
Far too dangerous and risky IMHO. Actually embarassing. I know a guy who
made this mistake.
An e mail went out in his name asking recepients to visit a porn site ;-).

Maybe in Centura forum its not a pain as there is no spam. But then you have
to change your newsreader
settings every now and then.


Martin Knopp

SalTblCreateColumnEx(...) Wanted

Post by Martin Knopp » 02 Oct 2003, 20:38

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 

There are multiple solutions to deal with this issue:

1. Like you do adding a nospam phrase to a valid mailadress; in this case a
human being can use its intelligence to retrieve the valid mailadress

2. Add a valid mailadress in the mail signature; I do it in this newsgroups
since ages and don't get an spam on that mailadress

3. combine 1 and 2

Probably more solutions available.

Martin Knopp
fecher GmbH

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