Enhancements for IDE

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Jamie Pearson

Enhancements for IDE

Post by Jamie Pearson » 10 Mar 2003, 23:29

 Posted by:  Jamie Pearson 

A few IDE enhancements I'd like to see.

* Find: Ctrl + F, automatically copy selected text into find field (it's
amazing how much time this saves).
* Replace: Ctrl + H, automatically copy selected text into find field.

App Tree:
* Get rid of it, or add all the outline items to it. Two I really miss are
Libraries and Constants.

Controls Window:
* Delay enumeration of ActiveX controls until ActiveX button is pressed. I
don't have the luxury of a Pentium 4 machine (still on P3 450 here), so I
get tired of waiting on the controls window open. It seems to be the
enumeration of the ActiveX controls, because it opens much faster the second
time it's opened in the same IDE session.

* Step Out
* Set Next Statement - move execution to a new line within the current
procedure, effectively skipping or reexecuting code.
* Ability to add, modify, delete lines of code while in debug mode.

Thanks in advance,

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