resize + tooltip support

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Thomas Lauzi

resize + tooltip support

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 30 Dec 2002, 16:54

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

because it was Xmas, so i have a little nice-to-have wish.

I wish tooltip support in the attribute inspector and with the options for
multiline tips and balloon style tips.

Also i wish resizing support in the attribute inspector.
Centura is able to adopt the size and location of the child, when you change
the font size of the parent.
So please add resize-options for every controls and resize/move them

New attribute inspector options example for items

resize loc: (stick to left border/ stick to right
resize size: (resizeXY/resizeX/resizeY/noresize)
tooltip text: 'I´m a tooltip'
tooltip style (normal/multiline/balloon/balloon-multiline)
tooltip textcolor: black
tooltip color: yellow

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resize + tooltip support

Post by StefanM » 05 Jan 2003, 19:53

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 

Thomas and Gupta,

YES, I want to get this gift, too !


Aidas Kavaliauskas

resize + tooltip support

Post by Aidas Kavaliauskas » 17 Jan 2003, 19:50

 Posted by:  Aidas Kavaliauskas 


We have resizing framework for years and are going to make it available on
the market within next moths. It is entirely written in C++. If you or
anybody else are interested in getting more information about this
functionality, please write me an e-mail ( you will need to remove NOSPAM
from the e-mail address ).

Kind Regards,

Aidas Kavaliauskas

Director General
Baltic Software Solutions


resize + tooltip support

Post by Arun » 01 Oct 2003, 07:39

 Posted by:  Arun 


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