Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

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Marcelo Hayem Coutinho

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Marcelo Hayem Coutinho » 11 Nov 2003, 15:10

 Posted by:  Marcelo Hayem Coutinho 

"ABCD EFGupta Now go back To C+"
Really I never learn serious C+ programing, you now why because I use TD.
That is enough to do almost everything in our company from business
administration to factory automatization. It´s easy fast and reliable
software, I will never leave TD. The only thing that is missing for TD to
achieve the top development language in the World is called "Propaganda" and
old prices too.

Do you want a sugestion give Colleges free TD so they can teach the Kids
about TD and those lazy boys ( just like me ) will never learn other
Language. They won´t have too is all in TD.

Really if this work out for you all ( Gupta ). I want a big discount
upgrading to TD 3.1 and SqlBase 8.

What about a shirt "I Love TD" or "The Humam Gupta Spirit"
or "Gupta Forever"

Don´t quit on me I won´t quit on you unless you
raise your price again.

Go Gupta go,

Marcelo Hayem Coutinho

Thomas Lauzi

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 11 Nov 2003, 16:01

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

:-))) FULL ACK

Hi Marcelo,
this I wrote a several times in the NG (marketing feedback) and of course
mailed this to Martin Teetz, but they never reacted. Donate TD to
universities, colleges, high schools!!!
Make several product packages, like the others do. A personal edition with
limitations for very very small money, a standard edition for less money and
a enterprise edtion for normal money,extra licencing for the webdeveloper

To see what happens without this....
One student in our company and his team at university had to write a web
service program.
In their decision process TD was never mentioned. He asked me if it is
possible to do it with TD (because he did know it from the company), I said
mostly yes. But they had to buy a licence.
Ha Ha Ha, students buying a $4000 licence.
Microsoft give the complete .NET studio nearly for free for such projects
and they took i and wrote it in .NET. :-))

Yes "propaganda" is missing, but also a clever marketing!

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