OLE Drag&Drop

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Klaus-Werner Konrad

OLE Drag&Drop

Post by Klaus-Werner Konrad » 22 Sep 2003, 19:56

 Posted by:  Klaus-Werner Konrad 

Maybe you should send your solution as 'tip of the month' ?
So we all could benefit from yout knowledge, as you may
had benefit sometimes from our collected knowledge in the
past ...

Anyway, it's a good hint to GUPTA !

Klaus-Werner Konrad
(ohne pfiffigen Spruch)

Lubos Vnuk

OLE Drag&Drop

Post by Lubos Vnuk » 23 Sep 2003, 10:52

 Posted by:  Lubos Vnuk 

Klaus, you definitely have your point. Unfortunately as this
mail was a feature requirement I didn't mention the fact
that the solution I am the author of is not my property but
a property of the company I have developed it for.

Showing a good will about the missing OLE DropTarget in TD
(and hopefully an extra with DropSource support) I am willing
to provide my knowledge but I cannot disclose the source code.
Hope you understand the rules,

Best Regards,

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