sqlbase jdbc driver

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Frank Otto

sqlbase jdbc driver

Post by Frank Otto » 28 Jan 2009, 15:39

 Posted by:  Frank Otto 


I want to use sqlbase 8.5/9 with apache ojb (jetspeed 2).

But I get following error:

java.sql.SQLException: Unsupported method at

Is there a new jdbc driver version for sqlbase 8.5/9? If I use the 10.0.1
driver I get another error (column name not found). I thinks this problem
is, that the 10.0.1 driver doesn't work with 8.5/9.

Or has someone an idea?

kind regards


Frank Otto

sqlbase jdbc driver

Post by Frank Otto » 04 Feb 2009, 09:17

 Posted by:  Frank Otto 

I have test sqlbase jdbc driver (included in sqlbase 11), but method
SqlbasePreparedStatement.addBatch() isn't supported.

This is a big problem for us. The apache jetspeed 2 portal works with mssql,
informix, oracle, db2, postgres and so one, but not with SQLBase. :-(

Is it planed, that sqlbase jdbc driver supports more standard jdbc driver


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