SQLBase 11.5 and cache pages

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SQLBase 11.5 and cache pages

Post by DHeublein » 14 Jan 2009, 14:06

 Posted by:  DHeublein 

I'm testing the new version 11.5.
On my test machine I have a value cache=128,000 defined in the sql.ini.
Thats why the 2 processe cmdmn.exe and dbntsvr.exe should allocate about 128
MByte RAM. This have I controlled with the task manager. BUT the task
magager shows follwing values:
- cmdmn.exe 560 KByte
- dbntsrv.exe 12,796 KByte
If I set the cache value to 256,000 pages dbntsrv.exe allocate about 20,000

- This values dont't grow, if i run programs against the database.
- the ressource monitor shows the same values.
- In older versions <= 11.02 the cache pages are always fix allocated from
the RAM.
- The commandline version of cmdmn shows the cache value of 128,000 pages
and the MinFre and OptFre values.
- If i don't use the external cache manager, the database is allocate this
128 MByte RAM. But after a count of statements!?!
- the two processes runs on two cores of the cpu. Cpu usage 50% - OK.
- System: Windows Vista Business SP1 32 bit, SQLBase 11.5 server unlimitet
- Hardware: Intel Core2Quad Q9450, 4 GByte RAM

What is the reason for this low memory values?

best regards

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