Multiple cursors connecting to DB2 via SQLHost

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Alex Polonetskiy

Multiple cursors connecting to DB2 via SQLHost

Post by Alex Polonetskiy » 08 Dec 1998, 09:00

 Posted by:  Alex Polonetskiy <> 


I found a difference between the behavior of 16-bit and 32-bit application
connecting to DB2. In 16-bit app, all of the cursors appear to have a single
connection to DB2, therefore if one of them would update a row, it would not
lock the other cursor out.

Since we upgraded to CTD1.5, we had numerous problems with application
locking itself out. Does anyone know of any option in SQL.INI whcih would
ensure the same behaviour as the 16-bit client (ie multiple cursors - one
connection). I know there are options like that for other databases (ie
Sybase), but am not aware of any for SQLHost.

Thanks in advance,
Alex Polonetskiy

Mike Koshelev

Re: Multiple cursors connecting to DB2 via SQLHost

Post by Mike Koshelev » 09 Dec 1998, 09:01

 Posted by:  Mike Koshelev <> 

There was message in one of news:

May be this help.
Koshelev Mike
Novosibirsk University

Patricia Warwick

Re: Multiple cursors connecting to DB2 via SQLHost

Post by Patricia Warwick » 10 Dec 1998, 09:02

 Posted by:  Patricia Warwick <> 

This is a question for the SQLHost forum!

Actually there should be no difference between the behaviour of cursors
between CTD and SQLWindows, as long as the protocol did not change. If
however, you changed from using a gateway to using direct TCP/IP then
the behavior does change. However the change should not affect cursors
to the same database (service). With the gateway if the userid changed,
it used a different connection, whereas for SQLBase changing the userid
does not force a different connection. A direct TCP/IP connection
behaves like a SQLBase connection so that if you are making subsequent
connections using a different userid, with the gateway it would be a
different connection, but with direct it would not. Now the question is
... are you using a gateway or not? and did this change?


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