SQLBase error using SQLHost and CTD2000 vs. DB2

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SQLBase error using SQLHost and CTD2000 vs. DB2

Post by jraymo... » 24 Aug 2000, 23:27

 Posted by:  jraymo...@my-deja.com 

Hi all,

We are converting a 16-bit SQL Windows 5.x application to CTD2000 and
have been using Winsock (TCP/IP) connections to gateway to SQLHost to
get to a back-end DB2 database.

We've fiddled around with the sql.ini file to replace the usage of




We are able to connect to our database via SQLTalk and via a CTD2000
application, but are getting a strange error message every time we run
an SQL statement which describes an SQLBase error 03703 indicating
a "missing configuration", and writes the following to a file called

7.5.1-PTF1 M (1 Client) -- 2000-08-24-
03703 Missing configuration file entry

Reason: Cannot find the configuration file entry [category] in the
SQL.INI configuration file.

Can someone tell me what SQL.INI file entry(ies) I am missing in order
to get rid of this message???

Thank you,

J. Raymond

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