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CTD2000 and SqlHost

Post by simonm... » 17 Oct 2000, 03:57

 Posted by:  simonm...@my-deja.com 

PLEASE !!! If there is ANYONE out there using SQLHost on the mainframe
to access DB2 data from CTD2000 can you please reply to this thread or
contact me at simon....@alcoa.com.au. We surely can't be the only
organisation in the world with this setup - can we?

CTB 1.1.2 works fine. It uses winsock (the sqlws32.ddll file) to
contact SQLHost which I am told runs as a process on our MVS
mainframe. That then talks to DB2.

I downloaded the CTD2000 IDE (ctd20.exe). Once I had put the data in
my SQL.INI that was in the old version, SQLTalk worked fine. My
SQL/Windows application failed with a 9260 - Database not configured.
I had not downloaded a verison of sqlws32.dll at this stage. I then
downloaded the "OLE DB Providers and Native Database Routers" component
(connect.exe) and installed from the "SQLBase Client Connectivity"
the "SQLBase using Windows Sockets" component. This gave me a new
version of sqlws32.dll.

Unfortunately, while SQLTalk still works, I am now getting ODBC errors
(!!!) from the CAE client. ie. it is screwed. Any ideas would be

Do SQLTalk and SqlWindows use different connectivity ???

Is anyone using Winsock (TCP/IP) ?

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