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Post by Derek Kudsee » 28 Nov 1997, 09:00

 Posted by:  Derek Kudsee <kud...@stcub4.agw.bt.co.uk> 

Can someone please confirm whether or not the following is a bug in

The problem relates to DATE/TIME values. When writing a datetime value
to the
database , SQLHost does not append the milliseconds to the datetime
Oracle's middleware does this fine , but SQLHost just writes the
datetime value away.
Date Entered: 21/10/97
SQLHost writes to DB: 21-OCT-1997
Oracle writes : 21-OCT-1997 00:00:00

The error SQLHost returns is
Error No 6180: ' The string representation of datetime value has invalid


The problem is however , SQLHost also returns this error when selecting
a date value
form the database with a millisecond component.

Can someone please tell me if they have experienced the same problem ,
and if
so how to fix it.
My only alternative at this stage , is to go through the entire app and
convert each date
with SALDateToStr and using a string, as it creates a datetime value
WITH the milliseconds.
However , this would probably take me about 5 years , as dates as used
very often in
our very large app.

Thanks in Adv
Derek Kudsee

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