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Matias Gaston Querel

Conect to Acces

Post by Matias Gaston Querel » 28 Mar 2005, 14:46

 Posted by:  Matias Gaston Querel 

Hi CAn someone tell me the step to connect to a acces db from CEntura...

Raúl Andrés Duque M.

Re: Conect to Acces

Post by Raúl Andrés Duque M. » 28 Mar 2005, 21:44

 Posted by:  Raúl Andrés Duque M. 


You can use OLEDB:

1. Create a DSN source to your Access database. For example "customer".
2. Add this variables to your application (maybe global):
String: strConexion
Session Handle: sDB
Sql Handle: hSql
3. Add this code to your application:
Set strConexion = "Provider=MSDASQL; Data Source=customer"
Call SqlCreateSession (sDB, strConexion)
Call SqlCreateStatement (sDB, hSql)
4. You can use the hSql as a ordinary Sql Handle.
5. Close your session with:
Call SqlFreeSession (sDB)

Raul Duque
Bogotá, Colombia

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