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de Zomer

ITEM_IsHiden BUG ?

Post by de Zomer » 28 Mar 2005, 12:31

 Posted by:  de Zomer 

TD-Version: 3.1 PTF3

Win XP Prof . SP2

hiding List-Items in Explorer with
Call VisListSetItemFlags( nItemHandle, ITEM_IsHidden, TRUE )

when i later try to get the Index of the Item with

Set nItemIndex = VisListGetItemIndex( nItemHandle )

the ItemIndex returns -1 even funktions like VisListGetItemText(
nItemHandle ) returns the correct value

when i try to insert a new child with VisListLoadChild( hWndExplorer,
nParentItem, nPicChild, nPicChild, sNewItemText, nNewItemValue, 0 )

TD CRASHES complete !!!!!

if i replace ITEM_IsHiden with ITEM_IsDisabled everything works fine

any hints



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