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Vaidotas Didzbalis

Garbage collection problems, profiling

Post by Vaidotas Didzbalis » 28 Mar 2005, 10:50

 Posted by:  Vaidotas Didzbalis 


After rewrite of system (we separated visual and non visual stuff), we
are facing performance and serious garbage collection problems. Do any
profiling recommendations exist helping to answer questions listed below?

- Leakage. In the beginning of the day end user works with app that uses
30MB memory, and at the end of the day memory usage rises up to 200MB.
Does garbage collection works in Gupta? If so, how can I know which
objects takes memory? i.e., what kind of objects and how many of them
take space in app image? Why particular object is not garbage-collected?

- Which method(s) takes time while executing some high level function?

May any “traditional” profiling tools such as Rational Purify help in
this situation? Is worth tying them out? Will they explain problems in
the system?

We are using Team Developer 3.0 SP3, connecting Oracle 8.17 (I think
bottleneck is not in sql), system uses SalCompileAndEvaluate and
SalCreateWindowEx very intensively.

I wrote utility which transforms source in such a way that running
system registers entering and exiting time of each function-call into
text file. I noticed that capturing current time with SalDateCurrent
results on rounding it to 10 ms. Can I get more precise current time,
not scarifying speed? Because testing process itself impacts test results.

Vaidotas Didzbalis

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