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coding help

Post by Raj » 22 Mar 2005, 17:46

 Posted by:  Raj 

Hello All,

Can Someone help me with the code for the problem that I am having below.

I have a table window with a column 'Code' which should generate 1.001 in
the first row then 1.002 in the next and so on when I click on the 'Insert
Row' pushbutton.



Klaus-Werner Konrad

coding help

Post by Klaus-Werner Konrad » 22 Mar 2005, 20:13

 Posted by:  Klaus-Werner Konrad 

Hi Raj,

after setting the context to the inserted row simply code:

Set Code = 1 + SalTblGetRowCount( tblXY ) / 1000

Should work as long as you don't have split rows.



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