Team Developer 2005 - ntdll.dll problem (1998-2005) & forum.sqlwindows (2000-2005)
SYSPROM Technology

Team Developer 2005 - ntdll.dll problem

Post by SYSPROM Technology » 16 Mar 2005, 08:36

 Posted by:  SYSPROM Technology & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. 

Hi All

We are evaluating Team Developer 2005 now. For us it is very important to
immigrating our old version 1.1.0 into Team Developer 2005.

1- While compiling the APP file im getting this error.

2- Is it possible to connect Team Developer 2005 with SQLBase server 6.1.1(1
client) or SQLBase server 7.0.1(10 client)

Could you plz guid us how to over come this problem.

Thanks in Advance

Developing Team - SYSPROM Technology & Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


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Jim McNamara

Re: Team Developer 2005 - ntdll.dll problem

Post by Jim McNamara » 16 Mar 2005, 16:36

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Save the app in 1.1 as .apt then open the apt in the new version.

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