CTD2005 Upgrade Problems

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Adrian Whittell

CTD2005 Upgrade Problems

Post by Adrian Whittell » 05 Mar 2005, 19:11

 Posted by:  Adrian Whittell 

We are currently running all our apps in CTD3.0 with no problems on XP in a
well specified machine with 1Gig Memory. We have just attempted to migrate 2
apps to CTD2005. However when we try and run both apps in CTD2005 in a
developer environment we cannot open any windows from the MDI (Even windows
with few fields). We get the error "Not enough resources to create window"
(1Gig Mem?).
When we try and run the same apps in a runtime environment we have slightly
more success but when we try and open 2 or 3 windows we get a fatal windows
crash and we are prompted to send a report to microsoft (We have sent
hundreds recently from CTD3.0 normally when simply refreshing libraries -
This is very frustrating. When are Centura going to sort this out???? A lot
of our developers now do not automatically refresh libraries. They use the
option to refresh all libararies that seems to avoid the problem but that
isn't very efficient).
I love using Centura but we are getting quite frustrated by these
instabilities. We try to log these cases but because we can't reproduce with
simple apps, Centura cannot do anything about it.
We do have extremely large apps so this may have something to do with it.
We also occasionally have problems where we can only open up 1 instance of
ANY Centura CTD3.0 design time app (this has been an intermittent problem
for years as well)
Has anyone had similar problems with CTD3.0 / CTD2005. There doesn't seem to
be any patches available yet for CTD2005.

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CTD2005 Upgrade Problems

Post by cschubert » 06 Mar 2005, 09:06

 Posted by:  Christian Schubert 


you have most certainly run sone well known problems when switching
runtimes. Make sure to:

1. replace all occurences of "30.dll" with "40.dll". Use search and replace
for that or load the outline in a text editor to do it. There are some
references to the old runtime dlls embedded into classes. You won't see them
browsing the outline.

2. check your path specification if more than one TD runtime is installed on
the machine. Newer runtime directories should come first.


Christian Schubert

Adrian Whittell

CTD2005 Upgrade Problems

Post by Adrian Whittell » 06 Mar 2005, 16:00

 Posted by:  Adrian Whittell 

We have already done that. We merged all the libararied and went into
notepad to replace 30.dll with 40.dll (I still think Centura should do this

The paths are all correct and none point to CTD3.0 which is still installed
on my machine. We even tried copy all the dlls and exes from the new CTD2005
folder but that has not made a difference.

Unless anyone else has any ideas I will have to do what we normally do and
wait until PTF 1 comes out and see if the issues are resolved.

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CTD2005 Upgrade Problems

Post by wilhelm » 07 Mar 2005, 13:42

 Posted by:  Wilhelm Speck 

Just to be sure, use HandleEx (from sysinternal.com) or a similar tool
to check if all loaded dll's are as expected.


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