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Gerhard Achrainer

Teamdeveloper 2005 Upgrade

Post by Gerhard Achrainer » 16 Feb 2005, 22:16

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


I just tried to install TD 2005 (upgrade through GLS) on my new notebook.
Now I noticed that it not only requires an existing installation directory
of the prior version, but it also seems as if that prior version has to be

So what Gupta wants me to do is:
- install TD 2.1
- install & activate 3.1 (cannot be done without 2.1 - also an upgrade)
- install & activate 2005

Wow, great work, Gupta.

What do you want us to do in 2007? Activate 10 different TD versions just to
get that only interesting one running?
Now tell me: What do you want to achieve with this kind of "copy protection"

If we treated your customers like Gupta does, we would not have any.


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Re: Teamdeveloper 2005 Upgrade

Post by arvindram11 » 16 Feb 2005, 22:34

 Posted by:  Aravind Ram 

I just installed a trial version (45 days limitation) update of TD 2005 and
it worked fine for me. Window XP SP2. I had a pre-existing installation of
CTD 2.1 and there has been no problem yet. Are you saying that after you
have installed, you cannot run 1.5.1 (or whatever version you had before)


Gerhard Achrainer

Re: Teamdeveloper 2005 Upgrade

Post by Gerhard Achrainer » 16 Feb 2005, 23:06

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


thanks, you are right; if there is a valid installation of TD 2.1 (including
SQLBase DLLs in path) it can be installed.

What I've done, for anyone who has the same problem:
- installed SQLBase (first I tried without - no success)
- got a backup of my old TD 2.1 installation directory and copied onto a
local (!) drive
- started TD once to test if it's completely ok
- started installation of TD 2005

Anyway, it might be a good idea to check not only for existing
installations, but also for an installation CD (!) of the previous version.



Jim McNamara

Re: Teamdeveloper 2005 Upgrade

Post by Jim McNamara » 16 Feb 2005, 23:59

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

IMHO, Gupta should allow the install to occur even if a previous version
doesn't exist. After all, we don't keep our PC's in production more than 2
years if we can afford it.

I think what happens with the on-line registration is enough.

After all, we users are software developers too and generally have a lot of
respect for other peoples intellectual property. Forced registration is

If someone needs handcuffs you can call in the legal authorities based on
the CD's registration activity.

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