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Mouse cursor problem under win XP

Post by Tom » 07 Feb 2005, 02:27

 Posted by:  Tom 

We desperately need some advice on fixing a bug that has surfaced after the
client computers were upgraded to win XP , from NT.

The application uses oracle back end with a TD 3.1 ptf2 & graphics server 5
user interface.
It consists of a time / event grid in which rectangular event objects are
placed into, and can be dragged around to resemble different timeslots.
Occasionally, when the event object is clicked and held (which initiates the
move event mode), the cursor jumps to the top left corner of the screen and
is stuck there. As if it is being positioned to 0,0 and cant be moved. The
program has to be ditched and restarted.

The problem seems to be completely random, sometimes it will occur alot,
sometimes it will not occur at all. That and the fact that the problem never
occurred at all when running under win NT leads us to believe it is a
compatibility issue with Centura / graphics server under win XP.

I have tried using the windows application compatibility toolkit to run the
application under NT compatibility mode, but it has made no difference. Yet
put the same exe file back on to an NT system and the problem does not
occurr, ever.

The client is totally fed up with the situation, it has been occurring for
nearly 12 months with none of our compatibility fixes making any difference.
We have run out of things to try and would really appreciate some input into
this issue.

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