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Post by Ravi » 01 Feb 2005, 05:11

 Posted by:  Ravi 

Hi NG,

When a port number is specifed and if a device is not connected to the port,
function call Set bOpen = PropSetPortOpen( TRUE) crashes. Is there a way of
preventing this crash?


Krister Henningsson

Re: Mscomm32.ocx

Post by Krister Henningsson » 01 Feb 2005, 08:05

 Posted by:  Krister Henningsson 

Hello Ravi

My first reaction was, yes there is a way to prevent a crash: connect a
device ;-)

Maybe your clients use w95/98?

FIX: Toggling PortOpen w/MSCOMM32.OCX Leaks Memory on Win95/98;en-us;171472

Regards, Kriss


Re: Mscomm32.ocx

Post by Ravi » 01 Feb 2005, 13:32

 Posted by:  Ravi 

Hi Kriss,

I'm testing this piece in Win2k.

We dont want our users to dictate the port (COM1 or COM2) that has to be
used. So I want my code to be in a loop and test the available ports. But
I cant get this to work as it crashes. Any thoughts?

Is there a DoEvents(in VB) equivalent in Centura/Gupta?

Best Regards,

Stefan Beltrame

Re: Mscomm32.ocx

Post by Stefan Beltrame » 01 Feb 2005, 14:52

 Posted by:  Stefan Beltrame 

Call SalActiveXAutoErrorMode(FALSE)


Re: Mscomm32.ocx

Post by Ravi » 02 Feb 2005, 14:59

 Posted by:  Ravi 

Thanks Stefan! This is what I was looking for.

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