Centura and OpenOffice

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Centura and OpenOffice

Post by A.R. » 31 Jan 2005, 17:20

 Posted by:  A.R. 


I'm currently trying to open an OpenOffice document with Centura (1.5 or
2000) but i have some problems to make the activeX work.
I called the Init function (for Centura 1.5) or the Create function (for ctd
2000) of the activeX but i always get this error when i execute my Centura
program :

"The currently executing object is not a user defined variable, rather it is
probably a window object"

The error occurs on Return __ObjectCreateObject(progid) in the functionnal
class Object of Automation.apl.
Nevertheless, OpenOffice quick start appears (In the quick start bar) but i
still don't know how to open a document.

My questions are :
- How to avoid this error ?
- Which functions have to be called to open a document, write on it, save

Thank your for your help.



Re: Centura and OpenOffice

Post by Karthik » 31 Jan 2005, 18:44

 Posted by:  Karthik 

Some help which may not help you. I tried to get it to work and failed.

Instead of using 1.1, use 2.0 open office. That way you avoid all this
Active X BS.

With OO 2.0, you can simply save your file in XML format and open it
using open office. The XML format the OO uses is documented. When you
open in CTD, since you know the XML structure, it should be relatively
very easy.

Best Wishes

Andre Schnabel

Re: Centura and OpenOffice

Post by Andre Schnabel » 01 Feb 2005, 08:53

 Posted by:  Andre Schnabel 


what do you want to do with the document? If it should be only opened / displayed / printed, I'd rather use Shellexecute (Win API).

This seems to be more an OOo than a TeamDeveloper problem. You could try to ask at the mailinglist dev@api.openoffice.org (you should subscribe via dev-subscribe@api.openoffice.org) - The archives are available via Newsgroup news://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.openoffice.devel.api

Or you could have a look at the developers guide:
(the VB examples should be easy to translate to TeamDeveloper)


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