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Support .PNG Image

Post by Bashir » 19 Jan 2005, 06:22

 Posted by:  Bashir 

Hi Everyone,

Will CTD3.1 supports .PNG images to a picture object.


Gerhard Achrainer

Re: Support .PNG Image

Post by Gerhard Achrainer » 19 Jan 2005, 08:21

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


though there is an imageman plugin named "IM31png.dil" floating around in
the TD directory, it seems as if it is still not supported; just tried
without success.

But if you need to display .PNG images you may consider using M!Image
(, it contains a custom control to display images as well as
conversion functions if you prefer the TD picture control - and it's free.



Christian Astor

Re: Support .PNG Image

Post by Christian Astor » 19 Jan 2005, 12:59

 Posted by:  Christian ASTOR 

Windows already supports it.
By calling the IImgCtx interface (::Load()), which is used by ListViews.
GDIPlus also.

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