TD localization Arabic (1998-2005) & forum.sqlwindows (2000-2005)
Michael Leitner

TD localization Arabic

Post by Michael Leitner » 12 Jan 2005, 16:47

 Posted by:  Michael Leitner 

Hi All,

during the last 10 years we developed an application based on Team
Developer for the european market (and therefore based on characterset

Now we are faceing the request to localize it to Arabic language. So my
questions are simple ;-)

Does Team Developer support Unicode and script flow from right to left?
Does anyone have experience in porting an application to Arabic?
Which are the pitfalls to expect?

Any help/hint is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards


Suren Behari

TD localization Arabic

Post by Suren Behari » 12 Jan 2005, 18:32

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 


We provide the ability to develop Team Developer applications that run on
BIDI versions of Windows and use native language features. To write BIDI
applications, one needs to include the library named SWBIDI32.APL in the
application. Then one needs to create objects that are instances of classes
in SWBIDI32.APL. These objects are like standard Team Developer objects,
except that their appearance and behavior are tailored for BIDI languages.


Michael Leitner

TD localization Arabic

Post by Michael Leitner » 17 Jan 2005, 12:12

 Posted by:  Michael Leitner 

Many thanks for the hint !


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