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Source Code Documentation, CASE Tool

Post by peftraun » 04 Jan 2005, 15:07

 Posted by:  Fritz Peinbauer 

Hi Group,

I am looking for a tool to make a documentation of my CTD Source Codes.
Important is the ability to show the structure and dependencies of classes
using "standard" notations (OMT, UML,..). Few years ago I had heard from a
product "Rational Rose" which seems to be taken over be IBM in the meantime.

What would you recommend?

Thanks, Fritz


Re: Source Code Documentation, CASE Tool

Post by Karthik » 04 Jan 2005, 22:46

 Posted by:  Karthik 

Metex of Toronto was giving away their Rose - Centura link away for
free. Try that. But they dont support it and its only for Centura 2.1.

Try Intellidoc from the ITG website But it
documents the source without the structure you want.

If you dont want that, the gupta samples section comes with examples
showing you how to read source files. Use CDK and make your own structure.


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