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Thomas Green

Windows 2003 AD Migration

Post by Thomas Green » 23 Dec 2004, 03:29

 Posted by:  Thomas Green 

I have 3 NT 4.0 Domains at 3 different locations. No BDC's at any
locale and all my PC's are 98 or 2000. I run Exchange 5.5 on Windows
2000 also, which does all the email from all 3 domains. I only have
about 70 users total. What is the best way to upgrade/migrate to AD. I
am a one-man-IT-dept. too.


Krister Henningsson

Re: Windows 2003 AD Migration

Post by Krister Henningsson » 23 Dec 2004, 09:00

 Posted by:  Krister Henningsson 

Hi Thomas,
A year and a half I passed Myrtle Beach, driving south east on my way to
We took right and hit Biloxy where we had a lovely firework display from a
sailing boat (2 mast scooner)

Anyway, if your budget allows you, try it out on a test domain first!
If your budget doesn't allow you, try it out on a test domain first!!
It will cost you time and money but a complete disaster will cost you
try it out on a test domain first!!! Omeone said it would be better to build
new domains
than migrating, but what do I know?:-)

You are totaly off topic here but you knew that of course ;-)
Regards, Kriss

soon Former Gupta Developer :-/
OS: WindowsXP
Client 9i (9.2)
Db: Oracle 8.1.7
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Thomas Green

Re: Windows 2003 AD Migration

Post by Thomas Green » 23 Dec 2004, 14:53

 Posted by:  Thomas Green 

I know I am off topic, but I thought with the brain power that is shown in
giving SQLBase tips, etc., someone would be gracious enough to reply. And I
see someone did! Thanks for your advice.

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