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Charles Turner

Running ACT! 2008 Database on two Laptops

Post by Charles Turner » 03 Nov 2007, 12:01

 Posted by:  Charles Turner <> 

Hi guys,

Hope some of you SQL database experts out there can help me, 'cos at the
moment I'm going mad!

I want to use ACT! 2008 which uses MSSQL on 2 Laptops, (Vista & XP) one is
my own (Vista) and the other is a company laptop. I can't synchronse using a
network connection between the two machines because the work laptop has all
manner of hidden firewalls etc. so this is not an option. I'm really pi**ed
off that ACT! 2008 can only synchronise using a network connection. When I
bought ACT! 2008 I was told synchronisation is really simple. Can't use the
Internet sync as this is only available with ACT! for Workgroups.

I suddenly thought of the ideal solution; as I am the only user and I only
want to use ACT! on 2 Laptops I simply save the Database onto a Memory Stick
and use that on either Laptop - very simple, convenient and actually even
easier than having to connect the two laptops to synchronise.

You guessed it - bloody problems, I can copy the Database onto the memory
stick and access it from the comuter that saved it.

If I try to open it from the OTHER Laptop I get an error message that I am
unable to open the database and to check my network connections, SQL Server

Help, I'm going mad, there must surely be a simple solution to allow me to
transfer the Database backwards and forwards quickly between the two
machines using the memory stick?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,



Running ACT! 2008 Database on two Laptops

Post by Lew » 03 Nov 2007, 15:49

 Posted by:  Lew <> 

Did you cross-post to enough groups? What do Postgres and MySQL have to do
with your question?

(followup set)


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