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Connection to Oracle

Post by RahulMR » 22 Sep 2010, 06:56

 Posted by:  RahulMR <> 

I have using Centura 1.5.1.
Now i want to connect Centura with oracle directly(Without using

Is this support in this current Centura version.

If it possible, please let me know what is the solution.

Appreciate any response


Re: Connection to Oracle

Post by peatoo » 27 Oct 2010, 12:43

 Posted by:  peatoo <> 

From CTD 2000 help (Sorry, I don't have 1.5.1) :

bOk =3D SqlConnect ( hSql )
Connects to a database.
Centura uses the values in the SqlDatabase SqlUser and SqlPassword
variables. The default values for these variables are DEMO, SYSADM,
and SYSADM. The value of other system variables such as SqlNoRecovery,
SqlInMessage, and SqlOutMessage take effect after this function
Parameters - hSql=09Receive Sql Handle. A handle that identifies a
database connection.
Return Value - bOk is TRUE if the function succeeds and FALSE if it

As a SqlDatabase you can set any connection that you have in
Set those values in On SAM_AppStartup or in some login dialog if
you're using such one.

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