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SalTblSortRows Problem after SalTblDoDeletes

Post by Linzer66 » 08 Sep 2005, 11:47

 Posted by:  Linzer66 <> 

Hi folks!

Generell Problem ( CDT 2.1 -PFT4)in Centura TableWindows?

When i deleted the first row of a fresh populated table window with
SalTblDoDeletes(hWndTbl, hSql, ROW_MarkDeleted | ROW_Selected ), and
called afterwards SalTblSortRows( dtColDate),
the result is damaged, SqlErrorMessages have come in loop!
But no SqlStatements are open to work off, former SqlStatements are
commited! Crasy system action!

It doesn't matter either it is a TableWindow or ChildTableWindow. Also
'max. Rows' is set to value '10000', and the TableWindow is

Does anybody have an idea?

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