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Post by challa.... » 15 May 2007, 09:43

 Posted by:  challa....@gmail.com 

I am using Oracle 10g. My question is -- in Oracle SQL* Plus i run the
commands as

Spool a.txt;

then i will run front Ctd2.1 Application and connected to that
database. And run the application. if i run any module in the
application the query will execute and the Spool text file it will
read. Why this is not happened in Ctd2.1. In Oracle when i run this
spool txt file will execute.

Why this is not happened in Ctd2.1. Can anyone give me the reason and
solution to how to solve this.

Thank u...!


About Spool

Post by TeamDeveloper » 16 May 2007, 13:10

 Posted by:  TeamDeveloper <s.ost...@powercall.de> 

Hi try to use following commands:


Yours Steve

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