Referencing a .NET dll from Team Developer 3.1 (1998-2005) & forum.sqlwindows (2000-2005)

Referencing a .NET dll from Team Developer 3.1

Post by » 24 May 2006, 20:17

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I am trying a access a .NET tbl from team developer 3.1. There was
another post similar to the issue I am having. However, no body
replied. So I have decided to try it again.
I generated APL by using the Active Wizard. The wizard created the APL
successfully. But it references to a defined class, mscorlib__Object.
The class does not exist though.
Has anybody had any idea what the problem can be?

Here is what I have in C#.
public interface IInterface :stdole.IDispatch

string PublicMethod();
public class ClassX: IInterface

public string PublicMethod()

return "Hello";

Thank you,
Olgu Yilmaz

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