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Implimenting Changes to SQL.H

Post by BFESTA » 25 May 2006, 21:28

 Posted by:  BFESTA <> 

I received the following message from Centura:

Version: 1.5.1
Centura Builder - SQL Error
Error: Database/user/password is too large
Number: 130 (rolled back)
Reason: The database/user/password name specified at connect time
or in
the SQL.INI configuration file is too large.
Remedy: Correct the application program or the SQL.INI
file to conform to the maximums. The maximums are defined in
the file SQL.H. A constant SQLMDNM defines the maximum database
name length as 8 and a constant SQLMSID defines the maximum
username or password length as 8.

I made the changes to SQL.H to increase these constants to support 32
characters. Yes it is over kill but better safe than sorry. I tried
just leaving it in the same directory, move it to the inc directory.
None of these locations are working. I tried refreshing libraries, and
still no change. Does anybody know how to impliment the changes made
in SQL.H?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Implimenting Changes to SQL.H

Post by » 13 Jun 2006, 16:25

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I think a change in the file SQL.H is useless. This file is only
designed to use it within your own C-Code. It has no influence on the
SQLBase server or client components.

As I know, there is no possibility to enlarge the length of user name
and/or password. To do this job, you have to recompile the complete
Gupta system. If you don't have the source code (and I think, you don't
have, like me ;-)) you must life the limitations of SQLBase clients.

Hope it helps?

With best regards from Eisenach

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Remmler

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