CQuickEMail problem: Reports stop functioning.

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CQuickEMail problem: Reports stop functioning.

Post by CargoNet » 15 Apr 2005, 14:32

 Posted by:  itkon...@cargonet.no (CargoNet) 

We have an application which is supposed to:

- Display a list of records in a table
- Traverse trough the records
- For the records that have an email address, an email should be sent
- For the other records, a printout should be made.

Using cQuickEMail for email and Report windows files (.qrp) for
reports, the problem we encounter is:

- After the first email is sent, no more printouts are being made. We
can't even see them in preview.

When we close the application and start over again, we can get the
printouts, but only until we try email again.

Seems to me that cQuickEMail occupies something in the operating
system or the application and forgets to release it, so that printing
no longer is possible.

Has anyone had (and hopefully solved...) this problem before?

Here is an extract from the code:

Call tblQuickMail.ClearNewMsgRow()
Call tblQuickMail.ExecNew()
Set tblQuickMail.Attachments = strBilagPath || ';' || strTilleggPath
Set tblQuickMail.Recipients = dfAktivKundeEmail
Call SalDateToStr( SalDateCurrent(), sDato )
Set tblQuickMail.Subject = 'Fakturabilag fra CargoNet ' || sDato
Set tblQuickMail.Text = 'Vedlagt ligger ordinært fakturabilag samt
bilag for tilleggstjenester for fakturanr ' || dfFakturaNrSkjult
Call tblQuickMail.ExecSend()

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