How to catch a pressed key

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Tobias Jäkel

How to catch a pressed key

Post by Tobias Jäkel » 07 Oct 2009, 14:36

 Posted by:  Tobias Jäkel 

Maybe a stupid question but:

How do I catch when a key is pressed with the cdk and notify.

Like in IntelliSal I want to catch if someone presses CTRL+SPACE. How to?

Thanks in advance

Ingo Pohl

Re: How to catch a pressed key

Post by Ingo Pohl » 12 Oct 2009, 09:53

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 

!!CB!! 173
On SAM_Create
Set hAccRTF = VisWinLoadAccelerator( Datafield/Multiline/etc..,
VTM_Accelerator, KDS_Ctrl, VK_SPACE, -10 )

Message Actions:
!!CB!! 173
On VTM_Accelerator
! Wenn strg + space gedrückt wurde...
If lParam = -10
Call xyz ()

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