Application Paths

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Christof Helm

Application Paths

Post by Christof Helm » 13 Dec 2007, 12:19

 Posted by:  Christof Helm 

Hi all,

does one know how to retrieve programmatically the search paths of an
application. I mean the information which can be configured under
"Preferences->Directories->Application Paths"?

If this is not possible, is there an option to retrieve the full file
path of an cdkLibrary Item resp. CGLibrary item?

Thanks in andvance

Thomas Lauzi

Re: Application Paths

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 03 Jan 2008, 16:04

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

Hi Christof ,

for what do you need them? AFAIK there are only for designtime at runtime
they have no meaning.
At designtime they could be found in the registry.

Thomas L.

Christof Helm

Re: Application Paths

Post by Christof Helm » 07 Jan 2008, 16:11

 Posted by:  Christof Helm 

the registry stores the global search paths for include files. But there
is also an opportunity to specify per-App include paths. They must be
stored somewhere in the source file. Even in text file format, this
information seems to be stored in one of these binary .data sections.

And yes, I need these paths at designtime, I am working on a CDK app
which loops through all include files, opens them and does some specific


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Re: Application Paths

Post by gaiflo » 05 Nov 2019, 15:19

Any idea how to get the full path for the included library files?

I got the lib names with the CDK_App.EnumLibraries() call. I get all the file names but i have no idea on how to get the full paths for them.
I need it to go through the libraries functions.

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