Calling CDK function with HARRAY parameter using C++

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Calling CDK function with HARRAY parameter using C++

Post by Rowan » 18 Aug 2007, 17:56

 Posted by:  Rowan 

Hi all,

This may sound odd, but ...

I'm writing a C++ program and I want to call a Centura CDK function (one of
the Enum... functions). However, one of the parameters is an HARRAY (the
function takes a string array and populates it). This Enum... function
returns the number of elements it added to the array.

How do I create an HARRAY in C++ to pass to the function and then read the
array afterwards? I think I have to create a new array with SalArrayCreate
( and destroy it afterwards with SalArrayDestroy ). I presume these only
take a single parameter eg. bool SalArrayCreate(hArray).

How do I set the datatype (or is it not necessary)?

How do I read the elements in the array using C++ after the call? Is it
something like SWinArrayGet or SWinMDArrayGetHString? If so, what are the
parameters and return?

Many thanks


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