Find( ) is not able to find class

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Find( ) is not able to find class

Post by StefanM » 08 Sep 2006, 11:55

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 

my next CDK problem: I want to check if a certain (functional) class is
used. Since a class can be used almost anywhere in the outline (i.e. as
class variable, as instance variable, as parameter of a function or window,
as a base class etc.) I tried to use the Find() method of CDK_App. Find( )
is able to find the declaration of the class and if the class is used as a
base class (i.e. occurs in the "Derived From" section of another class) but
fails to find any occurrence as a variable.

If I use the Find-Dialog in TD 3.1 itself, these variable usages are found.
Also, there is an additional option "Match case" which is not available in
the CDK.

So up to now the only way to find these references is to loop through all
objects of an app where a class can be used. Is this really the way to go?


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