How to get the column Name ?

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How to get the column Name ?

Post by Prakash » 16 Mar 2006, 18:40

 Posted by:  Prakash 

Hi All How to get the column Name/title using cdk?

I am using ctd 1.5.1 ptf 6 . Any code snippet would be helpful.



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Re: How to get the column Name ?

Post by Jeff Luther » 16 Mar 2006, 19:01

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Well, I put together a little CDK_Tutorial:

Also, I assume you mean table window column names/titles, so given:
cdkWindow: oAryChildWindows[*]
cdkContainer: oTLWindowContainer
cdkWindow: oAryChildWindows[*]
! several Number vars: nTopLevelWindowsTotal, nIdx, n, nChildWindows

Set nTopLevelWindowsTotal = CDK_App.EnumTopLevelWindows( sAryTopLevelWindows )
While nIdx < nTopLevelWindowsTotal
Call CDK_App.GetTopLevelWindow( sAryTopLevelWindows[nIdx], oTLWindowContainer )

Set nChildWindows = oTLWindowContainer.EnumChildWindowObjects( oAryChildWindows )
While n < nChildWindows
Set sChildName = oAryChildWindows[n].GetName()
Set nChildType = oAryChildWindows[n].GetItemType()
! etc.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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