Massive compiling

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Alberto Cester

Massive compiling

Post by Alberto Cester » 11 Apr 2005, 12:07

 Posted by:  Alberto Cester 

I have to compile hundreds of app files with the version 1.5 of
SQLwindows/32. I wonder if I can use the cbi15.exe command line parameters
to compile and build the exe programs, but I can not find any comman line
parameters reference. Can anyone help me??

Manuel Volz

Re: Massive compiling

Post by Manuel Volz » 11 Apr 2005, 21:27

 Posted by:  Manuel Volz 

this should be in Online-help:

use these command line arguments with CBI*.EXE, not with an application you
write using Gupta SQLWindows.

Switch Description
-b, -B Compile and save the application as an executable file. For
example: -b myapp.exe
-c, -C Save an *.APT application as a normal (binary) file and exit. This
switch takes only one argument: the name of the input file with an optional
path. Gupta SQLWindows ignores any other arguments. If you do not specify a
complete path, Gupta SQLWindows puts the output file in the current working
-m, -M Generate a dynalib (.APD) and exit. This example generates a dynalib
named myapp.apd:-m myapp.apl

kind regards
Manuel Volz

Romulus Diudea

Re: Massive compiling

Post by Romulus Diudea » 26 Feb 2006, 20:09

 Posted by:  Romulus Diudea 


This works fine if the name of the compiled file is the same as the name of
the source file.
But what if we'd like to compile ABC.APP into XYZ.EXE, and we don't know
what XYZ is?

There should be a way to use a set of CDK functions that will let us open an
APP, and generate an EXE the same way as using the IDE:
Project --> Build: XYZ.EXE.

Whatever value XYZ has within a particular app, that will be the one used.
This will solve the unknown name of the compiled file problem.
The little showstopper here is: what set of CDK functions could provide

I would be very much interested in finding the right answer.

Thank you,


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