Problems with example of

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Problems with example of

Post by Kerstin » 30 Jul 2003, 16:20

 Posted by:  Kerstin 

I´m just trying my first steps with CDK and by comrehenting the code-example
to get and set the properties of a QuickObjectButton, I find nowhere how to
hand over the parameters, need to know.
The QuickObjectEditor is initialized with the ButtonClass, the
(where is the difference between the .exe and .app?) and the Form Window
dlgDemo. How can I test the working of the "set Property" , because dlgDemo
is never been called!
By pressing the Button in the "Get Property" works with the
PropertyName "MyApp" fine, but this code isn`t written in,
where does it takes the value from?
Is starting to learn about cdk every time so difficult?

Jonas Mandahl Pedersen

Re: Problems with example of

Post by Jonas Mandahl Pedersen » 31 Jul 2003, 14:08

 Posted by:  Jonas Mandahl Pedersen 

Hi Kerstin

The ClassProp.APP example is used for exploring outline, and must be called
( Classprop.exe ) with outline as a parameter.
Try to set it up as a user tools in the tools menu ( See cdk help for more
information ).
I do not understand your problem with ?
All learning is hard (:-)), but the cdk for Cuntura is not documented
completely so i guess it makes it a bit harder.


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