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Stefan Müller

Create Menues

Post by Stefan Müller » 03 Jul 2003, 16:49

 Posted by:  Stefan Müller 

Hi NG,

I want to create a menu using the CDK.

With this tree lines i create a named menu with 2 items. The first item is a
popup menu.

Call APP.AddNamedMenu( CDK_IT_NamedPopupMenu, 'Top', oMenu )
Call oMenu.AddItem( CDK_IT_PopupMenu, 'Sub Popup', oNewMenuItem )
Call oMenu.AddItem( CDK_IT_MenuItem, 'Sub Item', oNewMenuItem )

This works, but how can i add new Items to this popup menu?
AddItem only works on cdkMenu and there is no AddItem for cdkMenuItem.


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