Get imported items from dynalibs

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Dave Rabelink
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Get imported items from dynalibs

Post by Dave Rabelink » 26 Aug 2002, 17:50


Just tried to get the exported items from an included dynalib with CDK but i
did not
get it working.

I'm using :

CDKEnumObjectHandles(m_hOutline, m_hItem, CDK_IT_DynalinkString,
uaivVariables )

to get exported global string variables.

Is this the right way ?

(working with CTD 1.5.1 PTF6)

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Re: Get imported items from dynalibs

Post by cschubert » 02 Sep 2002, 17:04

 Posted by:  Christian Schubert 

Just guessing, get the text of the item and scan for "!__exported".


Christian Schubert

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