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Leif Uller


Post by Leif Uller » 20 Nov 1995, 09:00

 Posted by: (Leif Uller) 


I would be very pleased if someone could explain what the CDK kit is and what
it can help me with. Is this product released?, I haven't been able to get it
in Sweden.

Can it help to write my own SAL's?

Thanks in advance,

Leif U

David Burke

Re: CDK......?

Post by David Burke » 02 Dec 1995, 09:01

 Posted by:  David Burke <@CompuServe.COM> 


The CDK provides the methods and means to access SQLWindows
outlines and manipulate them programmatically.

This enables the creation of two broad categories of CDK-based
- QuickObjects
- SQLWindows tools and utilities

Regards, David Burke
Gupta Professional Services

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