What is GUPTA's CDK?

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Joe Nardone

What is GUPTA's CDK?

Post by Joe Nardone » 09 Nov 1995, 09:00

 Posted by:  j...@access5.digex.net (Joe Nardone) 

F.T Wang (c...@tpts1.seed.net.tw) wrote:
: Hi Developer
: What is GUPTA 'S CDK ? what is feature with CDK?
: and How do I get relational document about CDK?
: Johnny Wang
: Taiwan ,Taipei

In a nutshell, the CDK is a toolkit library for manipulating
SQLWindows code outlines. You can load up a SQLWindows outline,
and get all information about varialbes, classes, forms, etc.



Joe Nardone | j...@access.digex.net

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F.T Wang

Re: What is GUPTA's CDK?

Post by F.T Wang » 10 Nov 1995, 09:01

 Posted by:  c...@tpts1.seed.net.tw (F.T Wang) 

Hi Developer

What is GUPTA 'S CDK ? what is feature with CDK?
and How do I get relational document about CDK?

Johnny Wang
Taiwan ,Taipei

John Mullinax

Re: What is GUPTA's CDK?

Post by John Mullinax » 15 Nov 1995, 09:02

 Posted by:  jo...@mindspring.com (John Mullinax) 

c...@tpts1.seed.net.tw (F.T Wang) wrote:

Hi Johnny,
The CDK lets you write a SQLWin app that is invoked when you drop off
an object on the screen you are designing. The invoked app can then
provide options that the designer can select to tailor the
propeties/behavior of the object that was dropped on the screen. The
invoked app actually modifies the the outline of the original app.
This lets you build very powerfull but easy to use objects. The idea
is that a very experienced object builder would create objects that
have an attendant invokable app. When an object user selects the
object to use in his/her app, then the invoked app makes it easy to
tailor the instance of the object to the object user's needs. What
makes it easy for the object user is that the choices that can be made
about the object instances properties/behavior are presented to the
object user as selections on a form using point and click as well as
help if desired. This is much better than documenting message
trapping and function calling that an objedt user would otherwise be
faced with if not using an object not built with the CDK. In a nut
shell, it takes OOP implementation to a higher plane.
Regards, John Mullinax - Atlanta, GA

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