ctd 2.1 with ibm db2 9.5 crashes

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Can Acar

ctd 2.1 with ibm db2 9.5 crashes

Post by Can Acar » 10 Jan 2009, 10:20

 Posted by:  Can Acar 

Hi All,

We have recently upgraded to IBM DB2 9.5 . Applications which have been
working fine with lower vers. Of DB2, presenting problems mainly in two

1-When I populate a table in cashier application, table size sometimes 5000
or more rows- I set to 6000- in consecutive operations programme crashes.
Sometimes in the third and some other times 6 or 7 . We don't see a clear
pattern. In other parts of the appl. Where I populate tables in varying
sizes, but definetly much more smaller I never have any problem at all

2-I2m having problem with Isolation Level definition. In earlier versions of
DB2 all the isolation level definitions of CTD 2.1 (RR,RO,RL,CS) seemed to
be compatible with IBM, but with new vers. Db2 9.5 I can only define RO with
the rest my CTD 2.1 appl. Crashes.

I appreciate any help



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