Oracle 11.1.0 and odbc

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Klaus Strohmaier

Oracle 11.1.0 and odbc

Post by Klaus Strohmaier » 16 Dec 2008, 17:17

 Posted by:  Klaus Strohmaier 


i connected a oracle 11.1.0 database and sqlbase 8.5.0 sqlbase database (WIN
XP) using the sqlbase odbc driver.
it works fine, until i write a select statement, to display a varchar2 data.

a select statement displays the correct value,
a select distinct or other function statement of a varchar2 field displays a
null value

thanks for all good ideas

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Oracle 11.1.0 and odbc

Post by StefanM » 17 Dec 2008, 20:48

 Posted by:  Stefan Misch 


with ORACLE a select with a function that returns a varchar2 returns a
long string. So either you change the bind variable in SAL to be of type
long string or you enclose the function in substr(foo(), 1, 250).

I'm not sure about the select distinct, as I did not encounter this
problem. But I'm using the native router for Oracle and not ODBC.


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