Database/User/Password is too large...

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Fabricio Suárez

Database/User/Password is too large...

Post by Fabricio Suárez » 28 Nov 2008, 00:00

 Posted by:  Fabricio Suárez 

Hi to all:

I have a problem when I try to connect to a MS SQL Server database,
if the name of the database exceds the 8 characters lenght, the app
sends me a Sql Error saying that Database/User/Password is too large...

However if the name of the database is 8 characters max, I can connect
to the database with no problems...

The strange is that the help on line says that the limit of the database
name is 16 characters lenght on the Sql.h...

When I looked for the SQLMDNM constant on the Sql.h file, I found that
says 8, instead of 16 like the help on line says... But I never changed
these value, so the PTF could change this???

I have CTD 1.5.1 ptf6

And the final question, what happens if I change the value of the
SQLMDNM constant to 16 in the Sql.h file???



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