CTD 2.1 and Citrix

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CTD 2.1 and Citrix

Post by PeterG » 25 Nov 2008, 21:11

 Posted by:  PeterG 

I am trying to run an application developed with CTD 2.1 on a Citrix
Presentation Server (4.5) which connects to an Oracle database. When I
launch the app from the Citrix server it connects and works fine. When I try
to run the program as a published app I get an "OCI_INVALID_HANDLE" error
message. The paths are correct for the user I am loggin in as. We have no
problems with earlier version of Citrix XP.

Is there a compatability issue with Citrix 4.5 and CTD 2.1? Is there a
compatability chart I can review?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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