OLEDB - DATETIME_Null problem

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Thomas Lauzi

OLEDB - DATETIME_Null problem

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 24 Oct 2008, 17:58

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

Hi All,
I have serios problems with OLEDB and DATETIME_Null in procedure call. An
error occurs and program stops.
Is anybody using OLEDB with Oracle? Is there a workaround for this problem?

Set dDate = DATETIME_Null
Set sProc = "
mis_custom.sp_test(dDate );
If SqlPrepareSP( hSql, sProc, STRING_Null )
Call SqlExecute( hSql )

Old NG entries to this topic, with no solution:
->Michel de Becdelièvre - 05.06.2003 18:44 - TD3.0 + OleDB + Oracle + null
datetime binding = crash...

Environment: TD4.2, Oracle 9.2, Win XP

Thomas L.

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